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Karma Distressed Yellow

Karma Distressed Yellow

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What is karma? Each action creates a reciprocal action - the reaction; therefore, karma is the result of those previous actions which have to be manifested accordingly. Once you throw away the stone, it must definitely fall down; each of our actions, too, including words or even thoughts, the perfect architecture of laws never forgets - it is the work of the perfect precision.
According to teachings of some spiritual masters, karma does not exist. If we become aware that we have a direct influence on the karma's effects (it will be clearly explained throughout this text), then we must agree with them, because if we consciously act in harmony with the Cosmic Law, then karma will not have such a negative impact on us, no matter how unbearable it may be.
Karma Distressed Yellow It's a Sanskrit word meaning 'act', 'action', or 'word'. The law of karma teaches us that all of our thoughts, words and actions begin a chain of cause and effect, and that we will personally experience the effects of everything we cause. We may not experience the effect (the returning karma) right away, and it may not even be in this lifetime, but you can count on it just the same. It is a cosmic law, which means that it applies to everyone, everywhere, all the time. This law exists entirely for our own good. It allows us to make progress in our soul's evolution. As you know, the things we think, say and do can be positive or negative. In the same way, karma can be positive or negative. It is a great benefactor, returning to us the energy from all of the kind and loving thoughts and deeds we sent out into the world. It is also our greatest teacher, making us accountable for what we do and giving us opportunities to learn from our mistakes and make amends.

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